On the basis of the existing rack system, a clear and ergonomically sensible design was developed, that focuses on operation with keyboard, mouse and, above all, the central monitors.

The control panel seems to hover above the racks, which are configurable to customer-specifications.

Selection of materials, manufacturing principles and last but not least the design is optimized for the inhouse production.

The foldable table and the sliding seat provide easy entry and exit as well as good ergonomics while working.

Under-seat storage space has a room for devices like the BAUR protrac.

ON/OFF switch of system and unlocking button for hinged doors of the rack.

Installation in the first production vehicle.

The exterior design is based on the corporate design of BAUR. The so called BAUR-Shape is reinterpreted as a banderole. A green ribbon stands for connection, the wrap-around style for protection.

Making off: 3-D CAD model / Full scale cardboard model / 2-D exterior graphics / Launch event in the BMW World Munich