Crystal clear pure transparency.

High gloss polished solid material. Printed on both sides. Claim: 'engineered by‘

Metal plate behind glass symbolises high quality.

Transparent glass with branding printed and laser engraved. Claim: 'technologies‘

A blue light seam behind a metallic badge stands for the hidden technology inside the device.

Translucent plastic and laser engraved, ground and partially polished metal. Claim: 'designed by'

A cut through metal derived in colour and form from the main brand stands for precision and high-tech.

Brushed metal, engraved and partially polished, cut in the brand‘s colour. Claim: 'engineering‘

Plain white monochrome block stands for a sterile laboratory character.

Laser engraved and brand name as hot-stamped chrome. Claim: 'genuine‘

Elliptically cut metal plate in the shape of the main brand.

Brushed metal, engraved, cut edges in logo colour. Claim: 'designed by‘