We make products beautiful and functional.

    KIEL, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN is an internationally operating design office located in Munich, Germany. We work in various areas of design, with a focus on product and transportation design. For our clients – and in close cooperation with them – we offer full service design from the first briefing to the final product. We pride ourselves on designing products with a maximum of functional and creative value.

    • services & capabilities

      We support projects ranging from the innovations of small start-ups to the extensive product developments of large companies. But we also develop projects at our own initiative or in cooperation with others. We offer full service design from the first briefing to the final product. Our diverse portfolio includes the conception and progressive design of new developments, the evolutionary further development of simple to highly complex standard products, design strategies, and visionary studies and scenarios. By working with virtual 3D models and first-class CAD systems during all phases of the product development, we guarantee a highly efficient workflow.

    • clients & FEEDBACK

      Our clients are manufacturers of consumer goods and investment goods from various product areas. We work with global players, medium-sized companies and start-ups. Besides traditional remuneration models, we also offer cooperations and joint ventures. We have more than 20 years of experience in various areas such as household appliances, medical technology, consumer electronics, lighting, capital goods, automotive, aviation, rail transport and nautics, and with numerous international companies such as BSH Hausgeräte, Bosch Healthcare, Eurocopter, BMW, Torqeedo, Speedwave, Kettler, Focal Point, BAUR Prüf- und Messtechnik, LG, and Siemens. We have had close connections with most of our clients for many years. We are delighted with their positive feedback and are proud of this great and successful cooperation. Many of our designed products received international design awards and were registered as patents.

    • Gerhard Nüssler Head of Global Design Brand Siemens BSH Hausgeräte GmbH 

      „For 20 years now, we have enjoyed working closely with Detlef Kiel. The combination of his long-standing experience in the area of household appliances and many other industries, and his invaluable „outside perspective“ makes him an indispensible partner for cooperation. Like an extended work bench, KIEL,ID provides full service-agency support to the premium brand Siemens, in all product sectors and during the various stages of product development: from conception in predevelopment to the detailed design of the series production. The visible results of our cooperation are concepts with a first-class design, a high degree of innovation, and numerous patent applications.“

    • Dr. Christoph Ballin Co-founder and CEO of Torqeedo 

      „Detlef Kiel was our first choice for developing the new interfaces, especially after seeing his design of the BMW 7 Series speedometer, but also because he, as a sailor, is experienced with boats and navigation instruments. From the very beginning, Detlef clearly understood Torqeedo‘s requirements in order to ensure a clear and intuitive design for the complex Deep Blue System, delivering quality at very high standards – after all the interface is the main component with which the user interacts. The unique aesthetics – a mixture between smart home, automotive, and nautics – fits perfectly with the Torqeedo brand and its products. Since then KIEL,ID has been a trusted partner, creatively supporting the conception and development of our interfaces.“

    •  Walter Schildhauer CEO of Speedwave GmbH 

      „For the development of our tender, we deliberately approached Detlef Kiel from KIEL,ID. He has been very successful in different industries, but the boat sector was still uncharted territory for him. My hopes and expectations for an innovative, even extraordinary, concept and design were more than surpassed. He showed us many new ideas and unexpected solutions and presented us with a coherent functional design for such a small tender: this is a great design and a superb achievement! The boat was met with great interest from customers and industry members, and we have already started our second project with KIEL,ID as our design partner.“

    • Dr. Markus Baur CEO of BAUR GmbH 

      „BAUR GmbH is an international company that, with branches in 80 countries, makes an important contribution to an efficient and error-free energy supply – worldwide. At the same time, we are a family business with a long tradition that combines highest standards for quality and efficiency with ethics and fairness. That is why we manufacture our products in-house and highly technically. Detlef Kiel and his team have met this challenge consistently and with enthusiasm in our close cooperation – from sharp analysis to a needs-based consultation, a creative approach to the specific technical demands, the design concepts developed on this basis, and their realization. We were impressed and delighted to get everything we wished for from KIEL, ID – the workspace inside the titron, its exterior graphic design, a handheld and the corporate design for our entire product portfolio. We are looking forward to the next device designs.”

    Our extensive over 20 years’ experience from various industries sharpens our creative approach to new challenges and new areas.


      KIEL, INDUSTRIAL DESIGN was founded by Detlef Kiel in 2010. We are a small, experienced team of highly motivated designers – some internal, some external – who are all actively involved in the design development. We are focused and flexible in our work and can always adjust our capacities. This enables us to fulfill every task, independently of its extent and complexity, and with minimized overhead costs. Moreover, we also work with a strong network of additional service providers such as design engineers, programmers, model builders, architects, photographers, and artists.

    Gründer / Inhaber Dipl. Industrial Designer Detlef Kiel

    Detlef, born in the Niederrhein region, has more than two decades of experience in strategy, innovation, conception, and design, working for various industries, product areas, and international clients. Following his diploma in industrial design from the Bergische Universität Wuppertal and twelve years of professional experience, he founded his own office in Munich in 2010. He is curious, inquisitive, centrally involved in, and responsible for, all projects. He is thus the creative force of KIEL, ID. He loves the multi-layered nature of working on use, technology, and aesthetics while creating products. His passion is the sea and sailing – his spare time is taken up by wind and water.


    Koppstrasse 40

    D-81379 Munich



    T +49 89 200 62 171


    skype: kiel,id


    Owner: Dipl. Ind. Designer Detlef Kiel


    • Innovative CONCEPTS

      We can apply our more than 20 years of experience in various industries to any product area. We utilize this benefit of a cross-industry transfer of knowledge (cross fertilization) in order to develop innovative concepts and workable – but also unusual – solutions with a fresh creative approach. Our aim is to improve the products’ specific use and functions and to define new features or innovative types of product. We are committed to sustainable product development.

    • functional DESIGN

      In an iterative process, we develop a functional and unique design that perfectly fits the client; emphasizes unique features; distinguishes the product from the competitors’, and creates a high recognition value. The users are at the center of this holistic design process. They will receive a product that works perfectly, that offers an emotional and aesthetic experience, and that is sustainable due to a long-term usability. We provide innovation, function, design, and experience from one source – leading to a product with which we, the manufacturer, and the end customer can all identify.

    • efficient PROcESS

      We guarantee a transparent and highly efficient development process. A precise analysis, a needs-based consultation, the acknowledgement of the customer’s specific demands and means of realization, and the design concepts developed on that basis mean that the process is focused, and unnecessary loops are avoided. Early on in the process, we rely on virtual models in order to incorporate technical demands, to review concepts, design, and function, to provide visualizations and prototypes, and to continually exchange data with engineering departments. For every project stage, we are therefore able to offer a review by – and the involvement of – the client and potential end consumers.

    • Design value

      Apart from innovative concepts and functional design, the standards for our design also include a thorough understanding of the needs and demands of the brand and its users. This understanding emerges from a trust-based, close cooperation with our clients from the very beginning. It is the basis for creating desirable products with the most functional and creative value.