The multifunctional rotary push button is easy to use: the rubberized wrap-around chamfer for rotating and the concave center for pushing.

Lateral exchangeable rubber covers enable a safe grip for optimal ergonomics.

To avoid the tilting of the device while hanging on the strap the cable outlet is underneath.

The angled arrangement reduces the buckling of the cables.

The unlock for the removable telescopic carrying bar is located on the handle.

On the top of the housing is a three dimensional pointing index, providing good visibility and usability.

The rubberized wraparound chamfer enables a powerful footing on the ground. The smooth-surfaced housing is easy to clean.

Making of: design and ergonomic models / analysis of the package arrangement / comparison with competitors

Making of: mood board 'tablet'

Making of: mood board 'tool'

Making of: mood board 'sport'

Making of: mood board 'device'

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